The Weekly Talk Review #1 – Design Patterns with Laravel by Colin DeCarlo

For this first issue of “The Weekly Talk Review”, my choice is this fantastic talk by Colin DeCarlo at Laracon 2018: “Design Patterns with Laravel”.

I must admit it: I have a thing for everything that makes learning way easier than expected. In this talk, Colin tells us about his struggles with the Design Patterns book first impact, and how things can be explained differently. Then, he makes some perfect, real-life examples of code refactoring while implementing these patterns. The code highlighting style is the cherry on top.

I think this talk will be particularly useful to all those developers that are starting refactoring their first codebases into something more structured and well written.

Timing is also perfect: in ~32 minutes everything fits in it perfectly without any sense of haste. I am not going to tell you which patterns he has chosen; you will do it by yourself 🙂

Also liked a lot the quote from Kent Beck:

“Make the change easy, then make the easy change”.

Enjoy it!

The Weekly Talk Review

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Every week I will make a short review (~100 words) of a talk that I liked and found interesting enough to share here with you. I am not going to review only Laravel related talk: why limit myself when there is a lot of stuff to learn?

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