In this page you will find some of my projects, with a very basic description. No looooong explanations, here.


  • Wordie! – A One Click Translation Tool for Chrome. With just a right-click you can translate a word using Wordreference.


  • Laravel API Boilerplate – JWT Edition – A ready to use API boilerplate, made on top of Dingo API and JWT-Auth, with CORS support (here’s an example project that uses it);
  • LaravelFeature – A simple package to manage feature flagging in a Laravel project.
  • LaraPrep – A preparation script that installs automatically Homestead Improved + a fresh new Laravel project, adding a new record to the hosts file.
  • Hostr – A simple PHP CLI Tool that you can use to manage your hosts file.
  • Rsz – My first Go language project. A CLI image resizer tool with many options and a fluent syntax.

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Francesco, born 1990 in Vasto, Italy.

A developer who likes to study new languages, frameworks and techniques. A curious who likes to stumble upon new interesting things and an enthusiast.


  • Developer @ AdEspresso
  • Author (details here)
  • Founder @ Laravel-Italia
  • Author @ Sitepoint

Both english/italian posting here.