The Weekly Talk Review #2 – Patterns that Pay Off by Matt Stauffer

My choice for this second issue of “The Weekly Talk Review” is another Laracon 2018 talk: “Patterns that Pay Off” by Matt Stauffer.

It kept me glued to the screen, and I am not exaggerating. I love practical and pragmatic talks. After listening to a lot of talks, I learned how to recognize speakers that have broad, practical experience with the topic they have chosen for the talk.

Do not be fooled by the title: it’s not about design patterns in a traditional way. This talk is about a lot of practical dos and don’ts that you can apply in your everyday job. I loved how he managed to explain the importance of the value you give to your customer. I also appreciatedĀ a lot the concept of “posture” towards patterns, or how we approach them.

Also, the “Test to save your job” and “Monolith first” parts are pure gold. However, I am not going to spoil it, so watch it and enjoy!

The Weekly Talk Review

First time here? Welcome to The Weekly Talk Review, here on FrancescoCodes.

Every week I will make a short review (~100 words) of a talk that I liked and found interesting enough to share here with you. I am not going to review only Laravel related talk: why limit myself when there is a lotĀ of stuff to learn?

Have fun and feel free to suggest a talk in the comments if you want to share it with us. I will be more than happy to see it and publish it here!